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Business overview

Alma de Idiomas is an online language school with a practical and personalised approach that adapts to the needs and objectives of each student. You will learn to speak the language in a natural way, without the need for boring books or memorising rules. Our main objective is to give you the tools to get rid of embarrassment and fear of making mistakes, which are the key to learning and developing fluency.

The 3 keys of the "Alma de Idiomas" method:

- Personalised teaching: We create a personalised study plan that adapts to the needs and goals of each student, using materials and resources that are relevant to their interests and up to date with today's world.

- Active practice: We will practice all skills (listening, writing, reading and speaking) through speaking. We will speak more than 95% of the class in the target language.

- Real use of the language: We will not only teach you a language, but also immerse you in its culture and way of life. We use real, non-textbook resources: newspapers, magazines, books, videos, etc., just like a native speaker would learn. From the very first class, you will be involved in authentic conversations and activities that will allow you to apply your language skills in everyday situations.

Come and be part of a community where you will finally be able to communicate, learn the language that is actually used on a daily basis and speak from day one.


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