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Business overview

BLC Legal Consulting is an immigration and relocation service provider based in Madrid, with a team made up by global mobility experts.

We focus on global mobility for expats and employee transfers, assisting companies with their international talent hirings and employee transfers

Global mobility is our passion, and we have a huge experience related to any Spanish immigration process, being able to offer a comprehensive assistance, reaching best solutions and most viable options, not just from an immigration perspective, but also considering Tax, Labor and Social Security matters, primary pillars to take into account in any global mobility process.

From our own experience, it is vital to offer support and the best advice possible to individuals along the whole expatriation or employee tranfer process, so they feel supported along the whole procedure.

Bearing this in mind, we keep close contact with candidates, responding their queries in record time, scheduling as many videoconferences as they need, so they feel accompanied along the expatriation process, which also facilitates companies' work, because a global mobility lawyer assumes command and direction of every aspect related to the immigration process.

👨‍💼 Very personal and direct contact with the candidate throughout the process

🌎 Assistance in consulates worldwide.

✅ Expert response in less than 24 hours

🙋‍♂️ 🙋‍♀️ Free consultations throughout the entire immigration process

🌐 We speak English and Spanish


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