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Transformational Prenatal Birth Postpartum Coaching

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Business overview

I offer 1:1 coaching/ mentoring programs for women who want to have a positive experience within the system.

Are you a first time or even a 2nd or 3rd time mama who is feeling overwhelmed by the contrasting views of two sets of systems - natural vs medical.
Are you feeling torn about who to trust - or maybe leaning one way but then the overwhelm creeps in again and you keep going around in circles.
You just want to do what’s best for you baby, you’re reading the pregnancy books, going to prenatal yoga, maybe even started looking into birth education classes.
But something still feels ‘off’ - there is some underlying uncertainty and fear and you just can’t seem to shake it off.

You just want to feel prepared and relaxed for birthing & motherhood!!

Are you worried that you won’t have it all figured out or know what you think you need to know before you have your baby?
The feeling of overwhelm is real in this day and age!!
There is a never ending stream of information being slammed at mothers from all directions.
How do you filter out what you need from what you don’t?
Are you scared of what might go wrong if you don’t do what you’re told?
I get it, the medical system can be confusing and scary, especially if you are feeling confused and scared!
Are you lacking some self belief that you are capable of having your baby without needing intervention?

Imagine feeling physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for labour and becoming a strong, confident and capable mother. Imagine all your overwhelm and fear dissipating into the wind because you are so confident.

The positive experience you desire is so available for you. You deserve to have the kind of perinatal experience that feels nourishing, calm and exactly how you want it to be! Even more so if you have had a previous traumatic birth experience.

I am Bee - A Transformational Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Support Coach. I’m a Birth Educator, Pre/ Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Mama to 3 and Education Co-ordinator at Doulas Without Borders.
My journey into the world of pregnancy and birthing began over 13 years ago when I became pregnant with my first baby.

I help Mama's -
Gain clarity and confidence
Develop a deep unwavering belief in yourself
Commit to your goals and desires
Take responsibility and accountability

'Birth is not just about making babies. It's about women becoming mothers - strong, capable and confident women, who trust their inner strength & wisdom'

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