Rachael Wilson Sleep Consultant Girona, Gerona (Girona)

I am a certified, experienced paediatric sleep consultant

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Monday 9:30-20:00
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Business overview

I am a certified, highly experienced gentle paediatric sleep consultant!

My 1-1 package is for you if you are struggling with multiple night wakings, early morning wakings, wanting to stop co sleeping and encourage your baby to be a happy, confident independent sleeper so you and they feel well slept, refreshed each day and know they will take great naps and sleep peacefully at night!

This gives you more time to do the things you need to get done, spend time with your partner in the evenings and not dread what the night may hold…

I also offer other smaller packages and newborn support packages.

Take a look around…

I offer a free 15 minute sleep assessment call to talk over what you would like help and guidance with.

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