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Business overview

In Awake Society, we empower high performers to overcome stress and low energy, reclaiming mental and physical health for lasting vitality and resilience.

Welcome to an innovative approach of 360° health & wellbeing specialized in mind-body connection, mindset reprogramming, deep nourishment and purpose driven life.

We offer:

1. THE AWAKE METHOD: A 12-week private mentorship where you will have VIP access to 2 amazing professionals who will guide and support you to hack your mindset, connect deeply with your body and nourish your soul. The AWAKE Method is a transformative blend of personal development, body self-awareness, deep nourishment, mindset reprogramming, spirituality, healing, high performance to tap into your most amazing self.

2. AWAKE LASER SESSION: A 60-minute session where we’ll dive straight into addressing a specific struggle or pain point that you're determined to overcome. You’ll be equipped with practical tools tailored to your needs—tools you can immediately integrate into your daily routine. You'll leave with a clear action plan, a roadmap guiding you towards your goals.

3. ONLINE AWAKE PRIVATE BREATHWORK: Our signature breathwork practice combines the power of conscious connected breathing with an immersive sound experience to take you on a deep journey through your subconscious. In this 2-hour session, we guide and support you in a safe space where you'll be able to do a deep inner-work, become empowered and invite all that you want to feel and attract in your life.

Get ready to:
- Increase your energy levels.
- Boost your sleep and recovery (HRV).
- Regulate your nervous system and reduce stress.
- Dismantle limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind.
- Break old patterns and stop self-sabotage.
- Become empowered and confident.
- Master your emotions.
- Enjoy healthy and nurturing relationships.
- Create healthy sustainable habits.
- Design a lifestyle that you enjoy, love and nourishes your whole being.


Meet Oscar & Daphy:

Oscar is not your typical Medical Doctor. With post-graduate diplomas in Health Management and Pharmaceutical Medicine, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Specializing in innovative lifestyle interventions, Oscar holds certifications in Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery coaching, Nutritional coaching, and Culinary Medicine.

Daphy, a certified Holistic Health Coach, is your guide to unlocking the potential of your mind and body. Specializing in Mind-Body Connection, Nervous System Regulation, Somatics, Emotional Release, and Inner-Child Healing, she’ll guide you toward a harmonious balance of mental and physical well-being.

Together, we are certified Masters in Trauma-informed Breathwork & Ice Immersions, blending science and holistic practices seamlessly.

As life partners and co-founders of Awake Society, we've crafted an innovative approach to 360º health coaching and wellbeing experiences.


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Our Team




I am a certified Holistic Health Coach, specialized in Mind-Body Connection, Nervous System Regulation and Emotional Release. I am a certified Master in Trauma-informed Breathwork & Ice Immersions.




I am a Medical Doctor with post-graduates in Health Management and Pharmaceutical Medicine. I am a certified Sleep, Stress Management, Recovery and Nutrition coach, and a certified Master in Trauma-informed Breathwork & Ice Immersions.


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